I Saw You Someday Somewhere

This photo book represents the unique and special relationship between mother and daughter.

My life and my mother’s life are very different. We live different lives in different generations, but somehow I still have the feeling that I have an awareness of her life. When I see her in old photographs, I see not only pictures of her but also places, times and events that I am not familiar with. Family that I know and friends who I feel like I know are in the pictures. Even if I have not met them, I feel as if I was also there with them in the past. Photos of a trip that she went on with her friends or a wedding of someone that of course I did not attend, make me feel like I remember those moments. Even with my baby-photos, I can easily imagine I was behind the camera as she was. I know these moments and situations as if I were her. This feeling is very familiar to recalling memories or looking back upon the past of my life. I am not sure if it is because we look alike or if I have heard the story of her life so many times that the memories have become mine as well. Maybe this is not only these reasons. We are not strangers, she is my mother and I am her daughter. Surely, there are links that only we share.