We Are In The Small Room

Video chat is one of common communication tools nowadays. Even though people have so much distance with their loved ones, internet connection and their cell phones or computers let them have face-to- face conversation anytime, anywhere. When people use this, they might forget or unrealized how strange this kind of communication is. It seems they are talking to the screen, but some of them still feel they are talking to “actual people”. Moreover, although video chat is just compressed electric information from the flat screen, they feel intimacy for some reason.

This piece of work is about a documentary of my family and an experiment of how video chat carries intimacy. People in video chat are weirdly pixelated and sometimes frozen, which is totally different from their real figures. They even look very different from family that I am familiar with. However, this strange 2D information sometimes carries something more than just information. Viewers might feel it through this piece of work and would realize that they might have had experienced it while using video chat with their loved ones.