No Need To Talk

This piece of work is a documentary of the private world from a subjective point of view.

If you thought about the word “family”, what things could you come up with?Some of you may imagine positive aspects such as love, strong bond and comfort.However, others might imagine the opposite, a feeling of hesitancy or awkwardness.This depends on what kind of family background and experiences you have had and there is no right or wrong description of the word “family”.

In the same way, these pictures in this book do not talk about “right or wrong”. They are just there because pictures themselves are the proof of how I see my family and how I feel about them and our relationship. I do not need to talk about these images, they are talking to you. The theme of family is universal because everyone has or had one at some point, but everyone grew up in individual situations, so they feel differently about images. After the pictures have talked to you,if you feel something, it might bring you a new definition of “family”.